This is a quantitative experimental research study, and will use a structured questionnaire to collect data from the participants. The data will be generated from these questionnaires.

The questionnaires will consist of a series of questions related to infections and immunoglobulin replacement therapy, namely covering the topics of:


Research design

The research will be conducted as a controlled quantitative research study in which data are collected before and after the intervention. In this study, the same sample of patients will be used for the pre-intervention and the post-intervention.

The intervention is the commencement of home visits by immunology nurse specialists who will give advice and encouragement, and be available to answer questions during actual infusions. Note that this does not override the status quo in which patients can contact the specialist nurse in the hospital, usually by telephone, for advice, etc.

The study will last for 2 years, with the first year being before the intervention, and the second year being the intervention. This will allow for all the seasonal variations to be taken into account.



The nurses will visit just 4 times during the second year, with a 3 month gap between the visits. They will visit during an infusion in order to observe and advise, as well as monitor the procedure.

All nurse visits will be standardised - duration of visit, role during visit (protocol to be confirmed) - note that the nurses will not undertake any of the practical care of the infusion during the visit (unless it is deemed dangerous for them not to intervene).

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